Energy Healing


Benefits include lower stress and pain levels, while also enhancing your body's natural ability to self heal. 

A session includes a unique, full body holistic healing treatment using a combination of healing modalities, with the intention to balance and clear your energy.

Initial Session: (90 min.)

Includes a short intake, healing session, and a 30 min. follow up.

Healing Session: (60 min.)

Includes a healing session and a 15 min.

follow up.

Buddha Statue

Energy Healing & Integrative Coaching

In addition to opening up a new way of thinking, feeling, and being through energy healing, integrative coaching will elevate your overall wellbeing. 

Together we will design new aspects of your daily routine and develop ways to maintain these healthy habits to nourish your mind, body and soul.

(90 min.-includes 45 min. healing session and a 45 min. coaching session)


Wellness Coaching

This program is for individuals struggling with anxiety, burnout, chronic stress, or illness who are ready to make lasting changes in their lives. 

This personalized program will dive deeper into what wellness means to you as an individual, and how to achieve it through mindfulness. 

We will work to define concrete goals and develop a course of action. 


(45-60 min. sessions are twice a month)


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"Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being."

Photo Credit of Jen: Kelly Hurd