Jennifer Warchol

Energy Healing & Wellness Coaching

A holistic approach to wellness mind, body, and soul.


Certified Energy Healing Practitioner

& Wellness Coach, Reiki Master,

Certified Meditation Teacher, BA Psychology

"I offer a holistic approach to healing and wellness. You will learn to work with your energy, incorporate self care and stress management techniques to live a vibrant and fulfilling life."

My Story

In 2013 my body broke down.  My Type A, anxious, perfectionist, never-say-no personality had finally caught up with me.  I was diagnosed with severe adrenal burnout.  


After months of being treated with pharmaceuticals and being bedridden, I realized medication was only a temporary bandaid.  I could not get well and back to my life with just treating my symptoms.   I decided to contact a naturopathic doctor.  She was amazing in getting to the cause of my adrenal crash and helping my body to get back on the right track.


Several months passed and I felt as if I had reached a plateau.  I was functioning, but barely.  I began seeking other modalities of healing.  I tried several kinds of energy healing and began to have glimpses of how I used to feel; more energy, happiness, motivation, etc. I continued with energy work and felt a shift happening in me not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. I began taking classes and learned all that I could about energy medicine.  I started to view the world and my illness differently.  I began to thrive. Realizing the lessons my body was teaching me changed my life.


While healing from adrenal burnout I was able to do a lot of meditating, soul searching, reading and studying.  The energy work allowed me to connect with my true self and I came to a very important conclusion---- I want to help people to heal and to avoid what I had been through!  I use my experience, education, training and intuition to help others who suffer from pain, illness, stress, anxiety, burnout or those who just need more self care. 



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